Hey Kids! Traveling at Home is better than Candy!

little passports2

Do you have little ones at home? Is it important to you that they learn about the world? Would you like to travel internationally, but don’t feel like you are able to right now (look out for future blog posts that will show you how you still can!).  Well…

Little Passports is the perfect way to keep your kids learning and having fun at home, on the road, over the weekend or even on a plane! They have a World edition and a US edition of the program, and several subscription options. It’s geared for ages 5-10 or so.  Max just received his first month and Loves it so far. He can’t wait to get the next one to see where Sam & Sofia are going next.

My sister told me recently she was thinking of getting a subscription for my niece, Mady. I can’t wait to share this deal with her! And you! If you’ve thought of purchasing it, you can save a little now through Halloween…   don’t spend your money on candy – sign ’em up for Little Passports – it’ll be like Halloween every month! 🙂

From October 28th – 31st, Little Passports has a sale that will save you $20 on a new 1 year subscription when you use the code OCT20 at checkout. And for about $10 a month, that is definitely worth it! The packages take your children on new adventures around the US or the world, depending on what option you choose… but take a look at the subscriptions yourself and decide what you want here: Early Bird Sale at Little Passports from Oct 28th-31st!

All discounts are taken off of the full retail subscription price, excluding the shipping and tax. This offer is valid on new subscriptions only and can not be combined with other offers.

  • 3 month= $5 off the $41.85 payment
  • 6 month= $5 off the $83.70 payment
  • 12 month= $20 off the $131.40 paymentCode:
  • OCT5 for 3-6 Month Subscriptions
  • OCT20 for 1 Year Subscriptions



Then you NEED this inexpensive app to take your Facebook Fan Page to the next level. NOW is the time!

 22s erin

OK, today I’m talking to anyone who has a business, charity, non-profit, church… basically, anyone who wants to really reach out and connect with people. Have you heard of 22social ? This great little app can really make a huge impact on whatever business you’re in…

Let’s discuss a few benefits of the app (I definitely recommend the pro-version, it’s only $2 for the first 30 days, just $22 after that, unless you have 3 pro referrals):

I.  Essentially have your Fan Page act as a WEBSITE for you. You are able to have multiple tabs on your page, which can direct visitors to different business ventures (for example, you are both a Mary Kay and a Scentsy consultant).  Many entrepreneurs know the value of multiple streams of income.  However, having to manage MULTIPLE websites and/or Facebook fan pages can get tedious. The 22social app  allows you to have a tab for each one of them. As a church or religious organization, you can even place a tab for fundraising drives online, prayer requests, etc. As a band or singer, you can have live concerts right through your fan page! The possibilities are endless!

II. You can link up your Google+ Hangout & YouTube accounts on the tabs. This means you can STREAM LIVE hangouts directly on your facebook. You can also identify SYNDICATION PARTNERS – other business owners who have the app and are willing to stream your video or hang out LIVE on their page!  What’s that mean for you? MORE attention and traffic to your business!  Furthermore, let’s say you are promoting a product or service, but don’t really have the full knowledge of how it works yet. You can invite the creator, or an expert, to participate in a live simulcast right on your fan page. Imagine the power?!

III. It comes with a built-in Social Relationship Manager (SRM), which allows you to keep track of the interaction on your app tabs. You are able to identify and collect actual profiles from real people on FB. 

IV.  Facebook “itself” loves you, so to speak, because you are promoting your business(es) and service(s) right within FB, not sending them away to another website. This means your page will get more visibility than another might.

V.  The app allows you to set up “Like Gates” on any or all of your app tabs. This requires each person to actually Like your Fan Page, before they can access the requested information, which means more traffic to your fan page.

Listen to a quick overview by the creators of 22s:  22social Marketing on YouTube!

Check out my Facebook Fan Page for an example of the apps in action. Also, be on the look out for a new app tab for our Social Media Bootcamp starting up later this month!  Visit me on Facebook or get in touch so I can help you get started using this AMAZING TOOL!

Time Management – How to make it Easier?!

Time Mgmt_Matrix2

Well, well, well… Here I am – what, almost 2 weeks or more since my last blog post? I have been wondering and wondering what in the world to write about. As I’ve been pursuing my “dream” business (international travel and cultural connections), I’ve discovered another interest – helping small businesses… Having two areas on which to focus, though, has made things more difficult! There are certain tasks that need to be completed in each area, some online, some face-to-face, some weekly, some daily… Not to mention, I’m still taking care of my kids and trying to keep the housework up, somewhat. SO I’ve procrastinated and have done a pretty poor job of managing my time!

Earlier this week, I put together a short survey for a group of business owners with whom I’m working. I discovered that several of them also struggle with managing their time and the daily tasks that they’d like to accomplish.

How do YOU feel when you hear, “TIME MANAGEMENT“?

If you’re like me, and many others, it causes a bit of anxiety, a sense of overwhelm, and even – don’t laugh – a kind of paralysis, right? Often, when we feel that there’s so much to do, in many different areas, we’re just … stuck. So, we hem and haw, and – ahem – procrastinate.

Sound familiar? It does to me! Like I said, this blog post is a long time coming! I’ve just been … Stuck! I’ve felt pulled in a million different directions and not sure which way to go; plus, I want to share what people will “get” – what they will “feel” – something to which they can actually “Connect”… but what is that??? {PLEASE feel free to share your ideas in the comments!} …..So… I procrastinate… and here we are…. 🙂

So, as I was researching the subject this evening, I came across this  quadrant I’ve shared here. Forgive me if everyone in the whole world is already aware of this tool 🙂 But it was almost like an “Aha” moment for me tonight (and look! It resulted in an impromptu blog post!).

I LOVE that in both the first and second quadrants (which are both “important” task areas), the very first listed is “wildly important goals.” These are the tasks we WANT to do, those that we are excited about completing. I definitely suggest doing these whenever you feel stuck!

In the second quadrant are the tasks that are really vital to long-term success in your career or business — planning, continuous improvement, coaching, mentoring, professional development. Make sure you are doing these at least monthly, or even weekly, in some capacity.

In addition to the quadrant itself, I would make a couple recommendations off the jump —

FIRST, I would suggest spending some time on your WHY. I know it’s a bit cliche, but really – it’s so important.  So – Why are you working where you are, in the career in which you find yourself, conducting the business that you are, or pursuing your specific dreams/goals. Once you have your Why clear, I think it’s a little easier to place tasks in a particular category. If you know WHY you’re doing something, and you feel that there is real value in some of the things you’re pursuing, then you’re more likely to be motivated to complete the necessary tasks.

SECOND, make sure you are incorporating personal/pleasure, work/career, and/or business tasks each day. I think it helps to complete the more mundane tasks after you’ve just completed one of your wildly important goal tasks! Or to know that after you finish a boring task, you’ll be able to get started on another wildly important goal!  Save a few of those wildly important ones for when you’re feeling stuck and tempted to procrastinate performing tasks in quadrants 3 or 4. 😉

FINALLY, don’t make this another thing with which to get frustrated and further complicate your time management issues! I would suggest spending at least an hour or two at the end of each month, organizing tasks into each quadrant, so that you are well prepared for the upcoming month. Print it out. Look at it daily. If you feel frustrated, do a “wildly important goal or dream” task to get you going. Spend 15-30 minutes on Saturday or Sunday evening examining your monthly quadrant, and make edits as needed for the coming week.

October is coming up in just a few days. Spend some time this weekend on your quadrants and tasks. Be prepared to hit the ground running in October and finish the last quarter of the year strong. Get a sheet of paper and draw it out. Or get some poster board and hang it on your wall. You could even use it as a kind of vision board  — as long as you are not just envisioning, but actually you are DOING the tasks. 😉

If you need help, please get in touch with me! I’ll be happy to help as much as I can, or connect you with the resources to better assist you. 🙂

You know what? By accident, I have my blog post! 🙂
AND an idea for my NEXT blog post as well!!! Check back soon 🙂

(Img from student.unsw.edu.au)

Lunches Around the World with Little Passports!

Little Passports   

Kids around the world have gone back to school—that means homework, new friends and … lunch? Yes, that’s right! 

All across the world, people gather around food to share celebrations of life.  Let’s visit different countries and see what yummy food the school kids eat every day!  Please comment and share a country you’ve visited or lived and what a common meal is there.

FRANCE – French children enjoy a 3 or 4-course meal that is made from high-quality ingredients, and are mostly made from scratch. The children all sit in the same eating area, the cafeteria. An interesting fact is that there are no vending machines in schools, because they’re banned due to the high sugar and fat content of the treats they carry. Typical school lunches here can have a variety of dishes and ingredients, such as grilled fish, salad, red beans, seasonal vegetables, garlic sausage, fruit salads and chocolate flan (just to name a few). Another perk is that the food is served on plates and eaten with real silverware!

JAPAN – In Japan, the school lunch ingredients are locally sourced and almost never frozen; in addition, the schools employ nutrition experts that work with kids and teach them the importance of good eating habits. Like the children in France, Japanese kids also eat in a community-like setting with their peers, and even their teachers! The children also wear white hats and robes to serve their classmates, which teaches them teamwork and respect. You can expect to find lots of rice, vegetables, fish, soup, and meat on the plate. 

South Africa– South African school meals have natural ingredients such as corn, squash, sweet potatoes, and yams. There’s also rice, soft porridge, and meat that is sprinkled in with the vegetables. A special stew is made called potjiekos (named after a potjie, a three-legged pot), which originated from Dutch settlers. The cook puts vegetables, meat, potatoes, and spices into the pot, which is heated by small amounts of wood and twigs. After cooking, the result is a delectable stew!

Colombia– Colombian school lunch ingredients usually vary from region to region, but can contain rice, potatoes, fruit, beans, meatballs, and vegetables such as corn and avocados. There’s a special vegetarian menu also available, and children from 2 to 5 years old have their food cut and portioned into smaller sizes.

We hope you enjoyed our lunch trip around the world, and perhaps found inspiration to try new foods at your own dinner table!  

Check back in later this week for a video of my son and his very FIRST package from Little Passports. You can sign up for one or both of their subscriptions and follow Sam and Sofia on their exciting adventures around the USA and the world. Inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about a geography, history, culture, and language in a fun and memorable way.  It’s an awesome way to bring the world into your home, when international travel is not an option.

What I am Doing and Why?

Recently, I was asked what Inspires me to keep going… First and foremost – my 3 little munchkins who are the light of my life. I want them to live in a more peaceful, connected world, and to know they have a place – and a role – in it. I also want to help those who have helped me along the way – friends, family, even strangers.

Finally but by no means lastly, I think of the little kids I’ve encountered through my travels. Kids who’ve lost parents and siblings to war, disease, famine, and all the evils in our world. Kids who fled a war in one country by foot, facing death at every turn, to arrive in another country barely alive, but determined to survive.

I think of the girls I met who sold drinks and sweets on the side of the road – who took a little bit of change to their “homes” when it was too dark to sell. Those girls who had been traded or sold by their families for one reason or another, and who were more often than not, abused physically, emotionally, and/or sexually.

My Inspiration, you ask? I want to make this world better for My kids, for Your kids, and for all of the kids in this world. They deserve so much better. My hope is that through connections with others – especially at a young age – future adult leaders can better connect with others, and create a more peaceful and understanding world.

To achieve this goal, we have to connect, to learn about people who may look, talk, think, and act differently than us. But that diversity is exactly what makes our world so beautiful. Can you imagine if you walked outside your door and ALL of the flowers were red roses??? Yes, red roses are wonderful – they’re beautiful and smell pretty good too. But how boring! Throw in some lilies, tulips, daisies, heck – even a weed here and there – and WOW! Have them planted by a stream, or a tree, so it’s not even all flowers… and what a beautiful landscape! That’s what the diversity in people and culture is like for me. Open your eyes to the beauty in each person around you! 🙂

I am working on a few different ways to get people connected, whether you have done some of these or not… Each day this week, I will highlight one piece of what we are all about. If you love travel, culture, kids, excitement, security, and Fun!, make sure to check back from time to time!